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Sewer and Drain Cleaning in Deer Park, NY

If your sewer lines or drains are not cleaned regularly and properly, they can become clogged or blocked, leading to damage in the line and to the pipes. Broken drains and pipes can be a result of many things. Old age, extreme sewer blockage, and root infiltration.

Uncleared blockages will hold up the plumbing system and keep it from working as it should. It can also lead to flooding, which will have even more dangerous effects. Our experts will help you identify the most cost-effective solution for unblocking clogs and problems in your drain and sewer line.

TV Video Camera Inspection

Quickly determines underlying problems such as root intrusion, grease build up, or line breakage in a noninvasive way.
High pressure water jet

High Pressure Water Jetting

Lines restored to operating like new. Pressurized water cuts through the toughest of clogs including roots and grease. Also, cleans any scales existing on pipe surfaces.

Electric Roto Rooting

From the largest of clogs to the smallest, our technicians will quickly diagnose your problem and begin working to get your lines and drains in working order with our various specialized machines.
Roto Rooting

Contact us for all of your sewer and drain cleaning needs to ensure your system is functioning properly.